Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why does the MachTach only display to 9999 RPMs? - The MachTach is designed for machine tools which rarely run faster than a few thousand RPMs so it did not make sense to add another display for 10,0000 RPM capability.

2. Why is Surface Feet Per Minute SFM important? - RPM is only one way of telling how fast something is going and it does not take into account the diameter of the tool or the work piece that is turning. Surface Feet Per Minute measures how fast the material is moving past the tool whether it is an end mill or a lathe tool. SFM is important in controlling finish for materials like aluminum and stainless steel and for protecting your tooling from excessive speeds.

3. What does the complete kit include?
- The complete kits include the printed circuit board, all components, red or green display which you choose including the red or green translucent plastic, the sensor and cable, knob, and mounting spacers. All you need to add for a complete MachTach is an enclosure and a power source. See the Gallery page for photos of kit contents.

4. Can I mount the MachTach inside my machine tool? - Yes! The MachTach is designed to be small enough to fit into most machine tool panels. The MachTach can be assembled into a thin full size module or a thicker half size module. Both styles will fit into tight spaces.

5. What types of sensors are supported? - The MachTach will work with IR Reflective, IR Slotted, Hall Effect, and Gear Tooth Proximity sensors. Basically anything that can output at least a 1V - 4V waveform and is powered by 5V will work.

6. What happens if I can't get my MachTach to work after assembling it? - We'll help you. Send us an email. MachTach also has a great forum with people that have built MachTachs and will answer questions. Worst case, you can send it back to us and we'll fix it for a nominal fee.